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Gary Johnson

Who Is Gary Johnson?

Who is Gary Johnson? That’s a question you will get more often than not when you bring his name into a conversation about the 2016 Presidential election. When someone says, “Who is Gary Johnson,” send them this video.

Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie Sanders Supporters

Dear Bernie Sanders Supporter, When you found Bernie Sanders, you thought you had someone you could trust, follow, and believe in. You thought, “FINALLY.” And, your faith was restored, you felt good again about the future, and you thought this was the turning point for our country. And, you cheered when your candidate could not in “good conscience” support a globalist, bank-owned, elitist like Hillary Clinton. But, then, you watched…

NBA All-Star Game

The NBA are Absolute, Total Hypocrites

Imagine a world where corporate America, big business, and the NBA (et al) actually believed what they grandstanded about. Yet, try to imagine that world. You’ll need a very big imagination to think of what that would be like. In the meantime, continue to spend your money with hypocrites who see you as nothing more than a dumbed-down, morally-complacent rube. Or, don’t.