Jim Carrey’s Dad

“You can fail at what you don’t love.”

This year I turned 50.  It’s the first birthday I felt.  One day 49, the next 50.  Somewhere between something changed inside me.

Maybe it was always there and just needed a reason to be felt.

There were other milestone moments over the last few years:  My oldest son’s 18th birthday, the day I realized I outlived my mother who died at 48,  my 20th wedding anniversary – these were all significant.

At 50, I realize something both sad, and yet profoundly-hopeful: I stopped doing what I love seven years ago.

I love to teach.  I love to share my life experience.  I love to help people overcome personal and financial obstacles.

If the Lord allows me to live seven years more, I’ll spend do what I’m supposed to do: I’m supposed to live for love.

You are supposed to live for love.